Tobacco Free Parks and Playgrounds

Why should parks/playgrounds be tobacco-free?

Children model adult behavior.

  • When children see adults smoking in family-friendly places such as parks and playgrounds, they see smoking as acceptable.

Secondhand smoke is harmful.

  • Secondhand smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals.

  • Children exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to suffer from upper respiratory problems and ear infections.

  • Secondhand smoke is especially harmful for children with asthma.

  • There is no risk-free level of secondhand smoke exposure.

Cigarette butts are hazardous.

  • Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world.

  • Small children can pick up littered cigarette butts and put them in their mouths, which can cause choking, burns, or nicotine poisoning.

  • Cigarette butt cleanup is costly to taxpayers.

(Source: Dept. of Health & Human Services. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Fact Sheet: Secondhand Smoke)

If you are interested in creating a local tobacco-free parks and playgrounds policy contact STTAC Community Engagement Coordinator, Michelle Larimore, and we can help with policy development and can even provide FREE "no smoking/ tobacco use" signs, while supplies last!


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