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Thursday, August 16, 2012 | Bill Mich | Categories:
It hasn't been done since 1998, but right now, residents of Chemung County have a chance to participate in a survey that will help shape the future of health care service in the area. As our Bill Mich tells us, all you need is a computer and five to ten minutes of your time. CHEMUNG COUNTY, N.Y. -- Making your voice heard in Chemung County couldn't be easier. Right now online, there is a ten page survey you can take that could help shape the health care services provided in the future. "What are you concerned about relative to health services in this county. But then also some things about yourself. When have you sought services last? Were there issues with the cost? To access? And then there is some important demographic information that were collecting," said Gail Walker, the county Human Resources Coordinator. The survey is done anonymously but the information is invaluable to health officials in the county. The data collected will be used in grant writing in the future to hopefully bring services to Chemung County that people need the most. "We know that we have a diabetes epidemic. We have a problem with obesity as a culture. And so we will be looking at programs that will assist in tobacco cessation, weight loss, chronic disease control and diabetes prevention," said Dr. Joyce Hyatt of the Chemung Valley Rural Health Network. The last time the county did an assessment like this was back in 1998 so officials believed it was time to get an up to date look at what people are in need of. And with the ease of the survey being online, the hope is for a lot of responses so health care can improve in the county. "Chemung County ranks 62 in the state and so we do have some health concerns here, obviously. And we need to know where to address our concerns and where to place most of our efforts in developing services and programs that can turn that around," said Hyatt. Officials are ready to improve county health services, they just need to know where to start. To take the survey, visit
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