No Smoking Policy for Parks

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Monday, April 2, 2012 | Categories:
Cassie Coombs, the program coordinator for the Southern Tier Tobacco Awareness Community Partnership, was in attendance to discuss the possibility for the Village of Watkins Glen to establish a no smoking policy for the local parks within the Village of Watkins Glen. She informed the Board that the STTACP has worked with the Village of Burdett, the City of Elmira, and the Town of Southport to establish complete bans of all tobacco products for their parks, either by designating certain zones as tobacco freeor by declaring the entire park tobacco free. Cassie Coombs stated that her partnership can help the Village of Watkins Glen with the proper language on policies and the advertisement of the new policies. She left a model policy that lists all possibilities along with an up-to-date list of counties already involved with their organization. Trustee Gibson expressed his ideas that the Board may want to consider a blanket policy for LaFayette Park and declare that completely smoke free, but possibly doing zoning at Clute Park in order to take into consideration the campers andfestivals that take place at this location. Discussion followed about lakeside park, the community center, the little league fields and the campground. Mayor Swinnerton asked the park manager how she thought the campers would feel about smoke free zoning. She replied that most of them would not be in favor of such a policy. The Board stated that they will take a good look at the parks within the Village and consider drawing up a smoke free or tobacco free policy for the new fiscal year.
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