STTAC Initiatives: 

To work toward our goal of building healthier, tobacco-free communities, STTAC has four main initiatives.

Point of Sale (POS):

To reduce the impact of retail tobacco product marketing on youth. 

Tobacco-Free Outdoors (TFO):

To increase the number of tobacco-free outdoor policies. Policies include: tobacco-free worksites, parks, vehicles, entryways and other public outdoor areas. 


Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing (SF-MUH):

To increase the number of smoke-free housing policies.


Smoke-Free Media (SFM): 

To eliminate pro-tobacco imagery from youth-rated movies and the internet. 


**Tobacco 21 (T21) is not a specific STTAC initiative, but information about the subject may be found here: Tobacco 21**

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